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Before trading with me, please verify my identity by ensuring this account meets the following conditions (if any condition is not met, you have found an impersonator; please report immediately and notify me):

• check for membership of a group called "AONomad/Atreides/d'Anconia," it is an invite-only group that I use exclusively for my accounts
• unique Steam url is /id/AONomad
• inventory and profile are both public
• Steam member since March 6, 2008
• inventory contains a unique Ethereal Flame War Dog (color code: 114, 221, 189)
• if further confirmation is necessary, send me a message on Reddit, Dota2Traders, or via e-mail

Please note that I am no longer accepting friend requests from Steam users with a profile level of lower than 10 (too many amateur scammers). If you have a low level profile and legitimately wish to contact me, please post in the comments below and I will add you.

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DaNQuEL 2 May @ 11:04am 
i have Legacy Enduring War Dog if you need add me!)
HyperX 26 Apr @ 6:32am 
i just wana add you , we can be friends :3 nice couriers bro
Sexy Mafiaв„ў 25 Apr @ 2:23am 
i just wana add You, Friendly Really Like your courier's
Avariceв„ў 23 Apr @ 2:27am 
Yo Nomad, I remember a few days back you said you had a friend collecting good tagged heroics? If he's still interested, I think I've found a guy with a few that's selling.
Appa - INS 22 Apr @ 1:17am 
Hello sir. I got your steam profile from a friend of you. Im selling my all ti3 tagged heroic collection for cheap. He said i should speak with you, maybe you interest. Thank you.
^_^Pitay@ [☂] 15 Apr @ 4:28am 
i had good tag heroic item of invoker ,NAVI TEAM,if you like ,plz add me ,ty! have a nice day!
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